Abby Henry Singh

Young professional in Nashville, TN with a passion for health education, Tudor history, and cats. 

Originally from Gatlinburg, TN. Belmont graduate. Alpha Gamma Delta sister.

12 Questions About the 12-Steps: Are You Done after the 12-Steps?

By design the 12-Steps, like recovery, are meant to be ongoing.   The steps are not something you simply check off a list. In addition to being ongoing, the 12-Steps are not always linear either. You may need to work the steps out of order or come back to steps from time to time. The 12-Steps work because they provide people with addiction the tools to practice good mental health continually throughout their lives.

Taking Care of Your Skin

As you probably know, cancer treatments can cause unpleasant side effects. Changes to the skin are part of the possible side effects. Even if you do not experience skin-related side effects, cancer can weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to infections. Practicing good skin care can help you avoid infections from minor cuts and scrapes. Your skin is your largest organ. Take good care of it! How can you best care for your skin during cancer treatment?

Creating Safe and Effective Cancer Treatments: FDA Approval Process for Cancer Drugs

If you are a cancer survivor who received chemotherapy or immunotherapy at a hospital or treatment center accredited by the Commission on Cancer , the drugs you received were either FDA approved or part of an FDA monitored clinical trial. If you’ve ever watched an add on TV for a medication that requires a doctor’s prescription, you’ve probably heard the phrase “FDA approved.” So, who is the FDA, and why is FDA approval so important?

Moves You Can Make in 2016

For lupus survivors, exercise and physical activity can greatly improve quality of life and help manage the symptoms of lupus and the side effects of lupus medication. Exercise can improve: fatigue, joint pain, swelling, insomnia, cardiovascular health, and weight management. Exercise doesn't just have physical benefits; it can also improve your emotional well being, too. Exercise releases endorphins, brain chemicals that help elevate your mood.